Topeka Common Ground

Community Gardens for the Capital City


With today's troubled economy and complicated food industry, it is important that we get back to our roots and learn ways of self-sustainable living. One relatively easy approach to do this is to re-learn how to grow our own food and then use these skills to help others around us in need. It is the primary goal of Topeka Common Ground to help people do just that!

Run completely by volunteers, Topeka Common Ground is a non-profit organization which coordinates resources for social service agencies, schools, other non-profits, and individual community members, all for the purpose of initiating and maintaining community gardens. We recruit volunteers to work in our various garden locations and we either provide directly or seek out donations for tools and supplies, including shovels, rakes, mulch, compost, manure, seeds and seedlings.  

Children are an important asset in building stability in our future.This is why we also focus on afterschool gardening education programs at community centers and hope to add elementary schools in the future.  We feel it is important to engage children in team-working activities where they can take ownership and responsibility for their garden plots. The rewards of their labor are realized almost immediately. They can take home organic food they themselves have grown and also, get a chance at an important service to our community by donating surplus food they have grown to local food banks and community meal kitchens. All of this is achieved while reducing their carbon footprint and learning important gardening skills in the process which could potentially be used in their future lifestyles.

We strive to facilitate a healthy food culture and positive community activism for people of all dempgraphics in Topeka by building relationships between knowlegeable gardeners and those with the desire to learn and improve their own lives and the world around them one seed at a time!